Section 34-41-3


When used in this chapter, the following words have the following meanings:

(1) BOARD. The Alabama Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists.

(2) GEOLOGIST. A person who holds a degree in the geological sciences from an accredited college or university.

(3) GEOLOGIST-IN-TRAINING. A person who holds a degree in the geological sciences from an accredited college or university and who has successfully passed the part of the professional examination covering fundamental or academic geological subjects.

(4) GEOLOGY. The science dealing with the earth and its history; its constituent rocks, minerals, liquids, gases, and other materials of which it is composed, and the study of the processes responsible for the development and change in the component parts of the earth, for the benefit of mankind.

(5) GOOD MORAL CHARACTER. Character that tends to ensure the faithful discharge of the professional duties of the licensed professional geologist based on truth and adherence to ethical principles.

(6) LICENSE. A certificate issued by the board recognizing the individual named in this certificate as meeting the requirements for licensing under this chapter.

(7) LICENSED PROFESSIONAL GEOLOGIST. A person who holds a license as a professional geologist under this chapter.

(8) PUBLIC PRACTICE OF GEOLOGY. The performance of geological service or work, including, but not limited to, consultation, geological investigation, surveys, evaluations, planning, mapping, or review of geological work related to the public practice of geology, or both, in which the performance is related to the public welfare or safeguarding of life, health, property, and the environment except as otherwise specifically provided by this chapter. A person publicly practices or offers to publicly practice geology if the person does any of the following:

a. Offers to or provides geological work or services to the public in any branch of the profession of geology.

b. Represents himself or herself to be a licensed professional geologist by verbal claim, sign, advertisement, letterhead, card, or in another way.

c. Implies that he or she is a licensed professional geologist or that he or she is registered under this chapter through the use of some other title.

d. Holds himself or herself out as one who performs or is able to perform any geological services or work recognized by the board as the public practice of geology.

This definition shall not be construed to regulate or interfere with the legitimate practice of any licensed professional, other than geologists.

(9) RESPONSIBLE CHARGE OF WORK. The independent control and direction by the use of initiative, skill, and independent judgment of geological work or the supervision of such work.

(10) SPECIALTY. A branch of geology which is recognized as a subdiscipline for purposes of certification after registration as a licensed professional geologist.

(11) SUBORDINATE. A person who assists a licensed professional geologist in the public practice of geology without assuming the responsible charge of work and who is under the direction and supervision of a licensed professional geologist.

(12) UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT. The practice of geology by a licensed professional geologist who willfully performs any act, causes omissions, or makes any assertions or representations which are fraudulent, deceitful, or misleading, or which in any manner whatsoever discredits or tends to discredit the profession of geology.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-399, p. 820, §3.)