Section 34-5A-7

Expiration and renewal of license.

(a) A license shall be granted for a period of two years and shall expire on December 31 in the second year. Before the expiration of a license, the license may be renewed upon submission of an application for renewal, including proof of continued certification by the certifying entity and payment of the renewal fee imposed by the board.

(b) All licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to renewal and shall expire unless renewed in the manner prescribed by the rules of the board upon the payment of a renewal fee. The board may provide for a late renewal of a license upon payment of a late renewal fee if all conditions for renewal have been satisfied and upon payment of a late renewal fee. Any license which has not been renewed within two years following its expiration may not be renewed, restored, or reissued thereafter. The holder of an expired license may apply for and obtain a valid license only upon compliance with all relevant requirements for issuance of a new license.

(c) A suspended license is subject to expiration and may be renewed as provided in this section. Renewal of a suspended license does not entitle the applicant, while the license remains suspended and until it is reinstated, to engage in licensed activity or in other conduct or activity in violation of a license revoked on disciplinary grounds. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, a licensed behavior analyst or licensed assistant behavior analyst who desires to return to the active practice of applied behavior analysis shall submit an application for reinstatement and shall pay the nonrefundable reinstatement fee, and any late fee or penalty fees that may be applicable. The amount of the reinstatement fee and penalty shall be established by the rule of the board. The applicant shall meet the same requirements as were necessary for initial licensure.

(Act 2014-163, p. 465, §7; Act 2016-400, §1.)