Section 34-7B-13

Exemptions from chapter.

This chapter does not apply to any of the following persons, activities, or services:

(1) Service in the case of emergency or domestic upheaval, without compensation.

(2) Licensed medical professionals operating within the scope of their normal practice.

(3) Personnel of the United States armed services performing their ordinary duties.

(4) Any public trade school or other public school or school program under the purview of the State Board of Education or a local board of education.

(5) Any person who only occasionally dresses hair and receives no compensation therefor, or does any other act or thing mentioned in this chapter, without holding himself or herself out to the public as a provider of any practices defined in this chapter for compensation.

(6) Departments in retail establishments where cosmetics are demonstrated and offered for sale but where no other acts of cosmetology or barbering are performed.

(7) The licensees of any county or municipal barber board or commission in existence on August 1, 2013, unless such board or commission elects, by resolution adopted by the governing body of the county or municipality, to come under the provisions of this chapter.

(8) Any person who practices as a Class 1 barber.

(Act 2013-371, p. 1330, §2; ; Act 2014-168, p. 483, §1; Act 2015-406, §1.)