Section 34-7B-14

Duration, expiration, and reinstatement of license; records.

(a) No license issued by the board shall be valid for more than two years.

(b) An expired license may be reinstated within four years after the date of expiration by paying renewal fees for the lapsed period, a current renewal fee, and a late fee.

(c) A license which has been expired for more than four years may be reinstated by furnishing proof of prior licensure, paying the appropriate examination fee, passing the appropriate examination, and paying renewal fees of not more than three hundred dollars ($300), the current renewal fee, and a late fee.

(d) The record of any licensee, student, apprentice, or examination candidate who does not renew within four years or which does not indicate any activity for four years may be purged by the board.

(Act 2013-371, p. 1330, §2.)