Section 34-7B-15

Student registration.

(a) No person may be registered as a student unless he or she satisfies all of the following qualifications:

(1) Is at least 16 years old.

(2) Has successfully completed at least 10 grades in secondary school, or the equivalent.

(b) Upon certification of enrollment by a school, the name, address, Social Security number, and birth date of each student shall be sent to the board on a form provided by the board.

(c) A student who has completed 70 percent of the required school instructional hours may work in a shop when school is not in session. One student shall be allowed for each licensee in the shop.

(d) Within 120 days after a student completes the required school instructional hours and training, the appropriate instructor shall certify a record of completion for the student to the board.

(e) An instructor who fails to certify student completion to the board in a timely manner shall be in violation of board rules and may be subject to a fine by the board.

(f) If a student does not receive his or her license within two years after certification of completion of training, the board may require the student to complete additional hours of training before applying or reapplying for licensure.

(Act 2013-371, p. 1330, §2.)