Section 34-7B-16

Apprentice registation.

(a) No person may be registered as an apprentice in a shop unless he or she satisfies all of the following qualifications:

(1) Is at least 16 years old.

(2) Has successfully completed at least 10 grades in secondary school, or the equivalent.

(3) Has paid the applicable registration fee.

(b) Before an apprentice begins work under this chapter, the sponsor, on behalf of a potential apprentice, shall request and obtain an apprenticeship work permit from the board.

(c) An apprentice may train in a licensed shop under a current licensee who has been licensed for at least five years in the appropriate field.

(d) Within 120 days after an apprentice completes the required hours and training, the sponsor shall certify a record of completion for the apprentice to the board.

(e) A sponsor who fails to certify apprentice completion to the board in a timely manner shall be in violation of board rules and may be subject to a fine by the board.

(f) If an apprentice does not receive his or her license within two years after certification of completion of training, the board may require the apprentice to complete additional hours of training before applying or reapplying for licensure.

(g) No person who holds a current license in another state shall be issued an apprentice permit for the same type of license.

(Act 2013-371, p. 1330, §2.)