Section 34-7B-18

Qualifications of applicants for examination or licensure - Cosmetologist.

(a) No person may be admitted to an examination or licensed as a cosmetologist unless he or she possesses all of the following qualifications:

(1) Is at least 16 years old.

(2) Has successfully completed at least 10 grades in secondary school, or the equivalent.

(3) a. Has successfully completed at least 1,500 clock hours in a licensed or registered school of cosmetology or on courses reported in credit hours. Credit hour programs must be reviewed by and approved by the board as satisfying licensure requirements.

b. In lieu of the requirements in paragraph a., has completed 3,000 hours under the immediate supervision of a cosmetologist continuously licensed under the provisions of this chapter, for at least five years before applying for an apprentice, over a period of three years.

(b) Any applicant who satisfies the qualifications in subsection (a), pays the applicable examination fee, successfully completes the applicable examination, and pays the license fee shall be issued a cosmetologist license.

(Act 2013-371, p. 1330, §2.)