Section 34-8-27


Any party aggrieved by any decision of the State Licensing Board, either in denying an application for license as a general contractor or in revoking a license, may appeal to the Circuit Court of Montgomery County by filing a bond with the clerk of the court, conditioned to pay all costs of the appeal. Upon notice of the appeal being served upon the Licensing Board, an issue shall be made up by the court between the appellant and the Licensing Board, in which the appellant shall allege in what respect the action of the Licensing Board was erroneous and prejudicial to him or her; whereupon the court shall hear the evidence and, without regard to the decision of the Licensing Board, shall render such decision as the court is of the opinion the Licensing Board should have rendered in the first instance.

(Acts 1935, No. 297, p. 721, §17; Code 1940, T. 46, §82; Acts 1959, No. 571, p. 1429, §1.)