Section 35-10-26

Title revested upon payment of debt.

The payment or satisfaction of the real property mortgage debt divests the title passing by the mortgage. "Payment or satisfaction of the real property mortgage debt" shall not occur until there is no outstanding indebtedness or other obligation secured by the mortgage, and no commitment or agreement by the mortgagee to make advances, incur obligations or otherwise give value (collectively referred to as "extend value"), under any agreement, including, without limitation, agreements providing for future advances, open end, revolving or other lines of credit, or letters of credit. Except as otherwise specifically provided to the contrary in the Alabama Residential Mortgage Satisfaction Act, upon the written request to satisfy a mortgage signed by the mortgagors and by all other persons who have a right to require the mortgagee to extend value or signed by other authorized representatives on behalf of the mortgagors and such other persons, which notice shall actually be served upon the mortgagee, and provided there is no outstanding obligation secured by the mortgage at that time, the mortgagee shall file a properly executed and notarized satisfaction of the mortgage or otherwise cause the mortgage to be satisfied in accordance with other applicable provisions of law. From and after such written request for mortgage satisfaction, neither the mortgagors nor any other person who signed such request, or on whose behalf such request was signed, shall have the right to request or demand that the mortgagee extend value under the mortgage or other agreements and the mortgagee shall be released from all obligations and commitments to extend value thereunder.

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