Section 35-10-28

Entry of full payment or satisfaction in record - Satisfaction by one of several joint mortgagees, etc.

The satisfaction in full by any one of several joint mortgagees, or his successors or assigns, on the margin of the record, and properly attested by the probate judge, or his chief clerk, or the filing of a release by such party properly notarized, acknowledging full satisfaction of any mortgage in the names of two or more persons jointly as mortgagees standing on the probate records of any county in this state, shall be sufficient to extinguish the lien of such mortgage.

The provisions of this section shall also relate to and be effective as to vendor's liens reserved in deeds or other instruments of record in any probate office in this state.

(Acts 1966, Ex. Sess., No. 406, p. 552, §§1, 2.)