Section 35-12A-6

Storage of dwelling and personal property of tenant.

(a) After notifying the tenant and lienholder as required by Sections 35-12A-3 and 35-12A-4, the manufactured dwelling community owner shall do all of the following:

(1) Store any abandoned manufactured dwelling on the rented space.

(2) Store all other abandoned personal property of the tenant, including goods left inside a manufactured dwelling or left upon the rented space outside a manufactured dwelling, in a place of safekeeping and exercise reasonable care for the personal property. For purposes of this chapter, "personal property" does not include a manufactured dwelling.

(b) The manufactured dwelling community owner shall be entitled to reasonable or actual storage charges and costs incidental to storage or disposal, including any cost of removal to a place of storage occurring after the expiration of the date by which a tenant, lienholder, or owner is to contact the manufactured dwelling community owner as set forth in Section 35-12A-5.

(Act 2003-516, 2nd Sp. Sess., p. 1537, §1; Act 2014-167, p. 475, §1.)