Section 35-6-1

Deposit of unclaimed money in county treasury; payment upon order of court.

(a) When a sale of premises is made, and no person appears to claim such portion of the money as may belong to any nonresident or person whose name is unknown, the court shall require such money to be deposited in the county treasury, subject to the further order of the court. All money so required to be deposited shall be received by the county treasurer and paid upon the order of the court.

(b) When money is deposited in the county treasury under the provisions of this chapter, the person or persons entitled to the same may, at any time, apply to the court making the order of sale, and obtain an order for the same upon making satisfactory proof to the court of his or her right thereto.

(Code 1923, §§9336, 9337; Code 1940, T. 47, §§184, 185.)