Section 35-6-114

When sheriff ordered to take possession of crops; forthcoming bond.

(a) If, at the time of filing such application, or afterwards, any party interested in the crops, his agent or attorney, makes affidavit before the judge of probate that he has cause to believe that the crops, or any portion thereof, will be removed, sold, consumed, or destroyed before they can be divided, and gives bond, with sufficient surety, in double the value of the property to be divided, payable to the defendant or defendants, with condition to pay all costs and damages that may accrue from the wrongful filing of the application, the court shall order the sheriff to take possession of such crops, and to safely keep the same until final disposition thereof shall be made by the court, unless the other parties in interest, or some of them, give bond, with sufficient surety, to be approved by the sheriff, in double the value of the shares of those complaining, with condition for the delivery of such crops to the sheriff within five days after judgment, or, in case of default, to pay those entitled the value of their interest in the crops, together with all costs and damages for the detention of the same; and if the crops are not delivered according to the condition of the bond, any of the parties in interest may sue on the bond, jointly or severally, in the name of the sheriff for their use, and recover the value of their interests in the crops, and the costs and damages resulting from the detention.

(b) If a forthcoming bond is given under subsection (a) of this section and the crops are not delivered to the sheriff, as required by its condition, the sheriff must endorse on the bond the failure to deliver such crops to him, and must return the same to the judge of probate.

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