Section 35-6-115

Decree of partition or sale; effect on existing liens.

(a) If, on the hearing, the court is satisfied from the evidence that the parties are joint owners or tenants in common in the crops, a decree must be entered, declaring the interest or share each has therein, and ordering the crops divided in specie, or sold for division, as may appear from the evidence more practicable and better for the interests of the parties; and if any liens exist on the crops, or on any interest or share therein, in favor of any of the parties, such liens, and the extent and amount thereof, must be declared; and if a division in specie is ordered, such liens shall be charges only on the shares of the parties against whom they exist, but if a sale is ordered, the proceeds of the shares or interest upon which they exist, after payment of their part of the costs, shall be applied to the satisfaction of such liens.

(b) When any lien exists on the crops, or on any share or interest therein, in favor of any person other than the joint owners or tenants in common, such person must be made a party to the application, and his lien declared and protected; and if division in specie is made, such lien shall thenceforth rest only on the share or interest of the party against whom it exists; but if a sale is made, such lien shall be satisfied out of the proceeds of the share or interest upon which it exists; but such share or interest must first be made to contribute its share of the costs.

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