Section 35-6-117

Appointment and duties of commissioners generally; oath; return; seizure of crops.

If a division of the crops is decreed, the judge of probate must forthwith issue a writ, directed to the sheriff, and commanding him to summon three disinterested and intelligent householders of the county, not related to either of the parties, to make such division, who shall divide the crops among the parties according to the decree, a copy of which must accompany the writ, and shall, within 10 days after their appointment, make due return of the division made by them in writing and under oath, which oath must be taken before the judge of probate, and must set forth that they made the division fairly and impartially, to the best of their knowledge and ability; and for the purpose of such division the sheriff, if not in possession, and no forthcoming bond has been given, must seize the crops to be divided, if in the possession of any of the parties to the proceedings.

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