Section 35-6-120

Objections to commissioners' report; confirming or setting aside report.

Any of the parties may file objections to the report of the commissioners making the division, within 10 days after the same is returned, and, when filed, a day must be appointed to hear the same, of which notice, not exceeding 10 days, shall be given to all the other parties in interest; and on the evidence adduced on such hearing, the report shall be confirmed or set aside, as equity and justice may demand; and if the report is set aside, new commissioners shall be appointed to make division, who shall proceed as provided in this article for those originally appointed.

(Code 1876, §3528; Code 1886, §3275; Code 1896, §3200; Code 1907, §5246; Code 1923, §9350; Code 1940, T. 47, §243.)