Section 35-6-46

Oath of commissioners; duties generally.

The commissioners must be sworn faithfully to execute the trust reposed in them, and to make the division or partition fairly and impartially, if the same can be made; and the division or partition shall be conducted in all respects, as nearly as may be, consistently with the provisions of this article, as is done when property in the hands of an executor or administrator is to be distributed or divided; and in case of application for partition of lands, the commissioner must, after examining the lands, and a survey thereof, if necessary, proceed without delay to make division thereof into the necessary number of shares, having regard to the quality of the soil, and other advantages, so as to make the different shares as nearly equal in value as practicable; and they must make a plat and map thereof, showing the subdivisions of the lots, and numbering them progressively; and subdivisions and boundaries of the lots, and numbering them progressively; and they are authorized to employ a surveyor and chain bearers and other attendants, if necessary.

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