Section 35-6-82

Time and notice of hearing.

Upon the filing of such report the court must appoint a day for the hearing of the same, not less than 20 days from the filing thereof, and must give notice thereof to any minor whose interest has been so sold who is over 14 years of age and resident in this state, and also to the person in whose custody such ward is, if deemed by the court in the interest of such ward, and also to the adult next of kin of such ward resident in this state, not interested in such sale, or where there is more than one such next of kin of equal degree, then to such one of them as may be selected by the court. Such notice shall be given by personal citation to be served not less than 10 days before the day appointed for such hearing.

(Code 1907, §5255; Code 1923, §9359; Code 1940, T. 47, §221.)