Section 35-6-88

Conveyances to be presented to court; certificate; when conveyance vacated.

Every conveyance made under the provisions of this article shall, before delivery, be presented by the person making the same to the judge of the court ordering it to be made. If such judge is satisfied that such sale has been duly confirmed and that such conveyance is properly made, he shall indorse upon such conveyance a certificate under the seal of the court of the confirmation of the sale under which conveyance is made, and of the confirmation of the conveyance as made. Such certificate must be recorded with the conveyance and shall be prima facie evidence of the confirmation of such sale and conveyance. If the court is not satisfied as to any such conveyance it must vacate the same, ordering a proper conveyance, as to which the same proceedings shall be had as provided by this section for the original conveyance.

(Code 1907, §5261; Code 1923, §9365; Code 1940, T. 47, §227.)