Section 36-12-22

Proceedings for recovery of papers, property, etc., by successor to office generally - Hearing; termination of proceedings against person charged with withholding papers, property, etc., upon making of affidavit.

At the time so appointed or at any other time to which the matter may be adjourned, a copy of such order having been personally served on the person so refusing, such officer shall proceed to inquire into the circumstances. If the person charged with withholding such books, papers or property makes affidavit before such officer that he has delivered over to his successor all such books, papers and property in his custody or appertaining to such office, all further proceedings against him shall cease.

(Code 1852, §156; Code 1867, §195; Code 1876, §208; Code 1886, §303; Code 1896, §3135; Code 1907, §1551; Code 1923, §2685; Code 1940, T. 41, §134.)