Section 36-12-3

Permanence and uniformity in size, style, etc., of books, papers, files, etc., required; factors in selection of record books, writing paper, inks, typewriter ribbons, etc.

The books, documents and files shall be uniform in size and general style of makeup and binding throughout the several state offices and departments, and in their manufacture the best grades of paper, inks and binding shall be employed. Only papers, inks, typewriter ribbons, carbon papers and ink pads of a permanent and nondestructible character shall be used in any of such offices or departments. In contracting for the record books, letterheads or other writing papers, follow sheets, inks, typewriter ribbons, carbon papers and stamp pads, the officer, officers or agents charged with the selection or purchase thereof shall require substantial uniformity as above provided and shall select only such books or other materials as conform to the requirements specified in this section, to the end that all state, county, municipal and institutional records may be lasting and permanent.

(Acts 1915, No. 237, p. 287, § 2; Code 1923, §2691; Code 1940, T. 41, §140.)