Section 36-14-13

Acts and resolutions of Legislature - Distribution of additional copies, and sale of surplus copies; electronic distribution.

(a) The Secretary of State must also transmit to the chair of the county commission and the judges of probate of each county, for such judge, each member of the Legislature, clerk of any court of record, sheriff, and register of the circuit court, one copy of each volume. The remaining copies must be sold as other books and documents, the property of the state, at a price to be established by the Secretary of State, and the proceeds thereof paid into the Treasury.

(b)(1) In lieu of binding and distributing copies of each volume of acts and resolutions as required under subsection (a), the distribution may be made by electronic means, including the posting of the acts and resolutions on the public website of the Secretary of State.

(2) If the Secretary of State elects to distribute copies of each volume of acts and resolutions by electronic means as provided in subdivision (1), he or she may provide written notice by regular mail to all recipients as soon as practicable.

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