Section 4-1-1

Authority of counties and municipalities to issue bonds for acquisition, improvement, etc., of airports and facilities therefor.

In addition to all other objects and purposes for which bonds may be issued by counties and municipalities under the laws of this state, counties and municipalities in this state shall have full and continuing power and authority, within the limits and subject to the provisions of the constitution now in effect or hereinafter provided, to issue and sell bonds, which shall be general obligations of the county or municipality issuing the same, for the following purposes or any thereof: Acquiring then existing air fields and airports; acquiring real estate for the construction of air fields or airports or for constructing enlargements thereof and extensions thereto; constructing and acquiring buildings, runways and other improvements and facilities and equipment for air fields and airports on any lands now or hereafter acquired or in order to make enlargements of and extensions to any thereof at any time existing which may now be owned or which may hereafter be acquired. All such bonds so issued shall be subject to the applicable provisions of Sections 11-81-1 through 11-81-32 and 11-81-50 through 11-81-68.

(Acts 1945, No. 393, p. 612.)