Section 4-3-60

Exemption from state contracting, purchasing and zoning restrictions; zoning powers.

Authorities organized pursuant to this article shall be exempt from the laws relating to the advertising and award of construction contracts and purchase contracts made by or in behalf of the state and its departments and public bodies and shall be exempt from all zoning laws, ordinances and regulations, but nothing in this section shall exempt such authorities from laws relating to surety bond requirements for such contracts.

Any authority organized pursuant to the provisions of this article shall have the same zoning powers with respect to the zoning of airports in unincorporated areas owned or operated by such authority and the zoning of unincorporated areas lying within two miles of the boundaries of such airports as are conferred by Sections 4-6-1 through 4-6-15 on municipalities owning or operating airports.

(Acts 1977, No. 331, p. 433, §21.)