Section 4-4-7

Control of airports by municipal governing bodies; delegation of powers to other bodies or officers.

When any municipality has acquired or set apart land for use as a municipal airport, the council or other governing body of such municipality shall have the power and authority to develop the same into a municipal airport and to improve, equip, maintain, operate, regulate and police the same. Such governing body may adopt regulations for the government of the municipal airports of such municipality, provide penalties for violation of such regulations and establish and collect fees, tolls and charges for the use of such airports or parts thereof or any facilities thereof or any equipment thereof. The power and authority committed by this section to the governing body of such municipality may be by it conferred upon a board or officer of such municipality or upon any board created by law for the government of the parks of such municipality, subject always, however, to the superior control of such governing body.

(Acts 1931, No. 136, p. 197; Code 1940, T. 4, §27.)