Section 40-10-125

Redeeming lots and parcels without redeeming entire property - How redeemed.

A person desiring to redeem any separate lot or parcel of land as authorized by Section 40-10-124 must file with the judge of probate an application in writing, under oath, setting forth the date of the decree, the name of the defaulting taxpayer against whom the same was rendered, the description and character of each lot or parcel of land included in the decree and the assessed value thereof, if separately valued in the assessment or, if not separately valued, stating that fact and stating the assessed value of the whole of the lands, a description of the lot or parcel which the applicant seeks to redeem and, if not separately valued in the assessment, stating the value thereof at the time of the assessment and the nature of his interest in such lot or parcel; and such applicant must deposit with the judge of probate a sum of money which bears the same proportion to the amount of taxes, interest, and costs which would be required to redeem all the lands included in the decree, that the value of such lot or parcel, as separately assessed or, if not separately assessed, as ascertained by the judge of probate, bears to the value of the whole of the lands included in the decree; and, in addition thereto, such applicant must deposit the amount of proportionate costs and officers' fees which may have accrued upon such assessment and sale.

(Acts 1935, No. 194, p. 256; Code 1940, T. 51, §308.)