Section 40-10-126

Redeeming lots and parcels without redeeming entire property - Duty of Land Commissioner on redemption.

The judge of probate must, before allowing the redemption of a separate lot or parcel of land under Sections 40-10-124 and 40-10-125, submit the application, together with a copy of the statement of calculation ascertaining the amount to be paid on such redemption, to the Land Commissioner for his approval, and the Land Commissioner may call upon the judge of probate, the assessor, or the collector for any information he may desire touching the application. If the Land Commissioner is satisfied that the applicant is entitled to redeem such lot or parcel of land and that the proper amount of money has been deposited with the judge of probate, the Land Commissioner shall endorse his approval upon the application and return the same to the judge of probate, who must allow the redemption; but without the approval of the Land Commissioner, the judge of probate must not allow the redemption and must return to the applicant the money deposited by him for that purpose, when such application is made within the time allowed by law for redemption the same may be perfected as herein provided, notwithstanding the expiration of such limitations; where the land sought to be redeemed has been purchased by an individual and not by the state, it shall not be necessary to submit the matter to the Land Commissioner.

(Acts 1935, No. 194, p. 256; Code 1940, T. 51, §309.)