Section 40-10-129

Deposit of redemption money - Lands bid in by state.

When lands which have been bid in by the state are redeemed, the judge of probate must immediately pay over to the tax collector of the county the entire amount of money received by such judge of probate on such redemption. The tax collector shall pay over to the proper authorities the fees of such officers that accrued in the sale and shall determine the proportionate amounts of the redemption money belonging to the state, including advertising fees, and the amounts of such redemption money belonging to the county and to the school fund and to any municipality and to each holder of a tax lien certificate. The tax collector shall monthly, by the tenth day of the month next after the month in which the redemption was made, pay over such proportions to the proper authorities, respectively, after deducting therefrom the commissions allowed by law to tax collectors for collecting taxes; and he shall certify to the Land Commissioner and to the county treasurer, upon blanks to be furnished by the state Comptroller, a full descriptive statement of all real estate bid in by the state and redeemed, showing separately the amount of state, county, municipal and school taxes and tax lien certificates and penalties and costs embraced in and covered by the redemption so reported. At the end of any month during which no land has been redeemed, the judge of probate shall report that fact to the Land Commissioner and to the tax collector.

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