Section 40-10-193


(a)(1) Tax liens auctioned or sold may be redeemed by any of the following:

a. The owner, including a partial owner under Section 40-10-195, or his or her heirs or personal representative.

b. Any mortgagee or purchaser of the property or any portion of the property.

c. Any other person listed under subsection (a) of Section 40-10-120, if the property had been sold for taxes.

(2) Property may be redeemed under subdivision (1) by payment to the tax collecting official of the amount specified on the tax lien certificate as the total amount of delinquent tax, interest, penalties, fees, and costs paid to purchase the tax lien, plus interest at the rate specified in the tax lien certificate, plus any due and owing taxes, interest, penalties, fees, and costs due. The tax collecting official shall provide a separate receipt for any current taxes, interest, penalties, fees, or costs paid.

(b) Statutory fees paid by the holder of the tax lien certificate in connection with the tax lien certificate shall be added to the amount payable on redemption and shall also bear interest at the rate of interest specified in the tax lien certificate.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-408, p. 864, §15; Act 2018-577, §1.)