Section 40-10-25

Appeal from decree.

From any decree rendered by the probate court for the sale of real estate for the payment of taxes, the defendant in the cause or the state, in behalf of itself and the county, may appeal to the circuit court of the county within 30 days after the rendition of the decree. If the defendant appeals, he must execute a bond in double the amount of the decree, payable to the State of Alabama, with sufficient surety to be approved by the judge of probate, and conditioned that he will prosecute the appeal to effect and pay such judgment as the appellate court may render thereon; but the state shall not be required to execute any bond. The district attorney shall represent the state on such appeal, and of the pendency thereof the judge of probate must give him notice in writing; and on appeal by the state, notice thereof shall be given the defendant, as in other cases of appeal from the court to the circuit court, such appeal must be tried de novo, upon an issue made up under the direction of the court. If the defendant appeals and the issue is decided adversely to him, the court must render judgment against him and his sureties in favor of the state for the amount of the taxes, fees and costs, besides the costs of the appeal, and such judgment shall be a lien upon the lands described in the decree from which the appeal was taken, which lien with a description of the lands must be declared in the judgment.

(Acts 1935, No. 194, p. 256; Code 1940, T. 51, §272.)