Section 40-10-4

Notice to taxpayer - Service generally.

(a) On receiving such book, as speedily as practicable the judge of probate shall issue a notice addressed to each person against whom any unpaid taxes are assessed as shown by such book, substantially in the following form: "State of Alabama, (give name of county) county, to (give name of taxpayer): The tax collector has filed in my office a list of delinquent taxpayers, and of real estate upon which taxes are due. You are reported as delinquent, and your tax amounts to (here give amount of taxes) with costs added. This is to notify you to appear before the probate court of said county at the next term thereof, commencing on Monday, the _____ day of _____, 2__, then and there to show cause, if any you have, why a decree for the sale of property assessed for taxation as belonging to you should not be made for the payment of the taxes thereon and fees and costs. (Here probate judge's signature). Judge of probate." Such notice must be served by the tax collector, or his deputy, on the person to whom it is addressed, and service of such notice may be made by handing a copy thereof to the party to whom it is addressed, or his agent, or by leaving a copy thereof at the residence or place of business of such party, or his agent, or by sending a copy of said notice to the party to whom it is addressed, by certified or registered mail, postage prepaid, marked "for delivery only to the person to whom addressed," and return receipt demanded addressed to the tax collector of the county; and with his endorsement thereon, showing how and when served or showing his reason for not serving the same, and it must be by the collector or his deputy returned into court on or before the first day of the next term thereof.

(b) If the party against whom such assessment was made has since died, and letters testamentary or of administration have been granted upon his estate, such notice must in like manner be served on his personal representatives, if a resident of the county. If the property or other subjects embraced in any assessment were returned or listed by a guardian or other person for a minor or person of unsound mind or by a trustee for his cestui que trust, except husband or wife, or by personal representative for the estate of any deceased person, or by a public officer, receiver, or appointee of any court, such notice must in like manner be served on the party making the return, or his successor, and also by publication or posting, as provided in subsection (c).

(c) If the person against whom such assessment is made is a nonresident of the county and has no agent therein known to the tax collector, or if he has died since making the return and there is no executor or administrator of his estate residing in the county, such notice may be given by publishing the same in a newspaper published in the county or, if no newspaper is published therein, by posting the same at the courthouse of the county for three weeks.

(d) The book to be prepared and delivered to the judge of probate by the tax collector must show in each case by whom such returns were made and the address of such person as shown on the assessment list.

(e) If the notice required to be given by the tax collector to resident taxpayers, as provided for in this section, remains unserved after two notices to the same person are returned not served, notice by publication or posting may be given as in the case of a nonresident.

(Acts 1935, No. 194, p. 256; Acts 1936, Ex. Sess., No. 180, p. 216; Code 1940, T. 51, §252.)