Section 40-10-73

Right of state or assignee to possession when lands are bid in for state; redemption when lien is recorded.

When the lands are bid in for the state at tax sales, the state shall be entitled to possession of said lands immediately upon execution of the certificate of sale by the judge of probate. If possession is not surrendered within six months from the date of sale after demand therefor is made by the Land Commissioner in behalf of the state, or if the certificate has been assigned by the assignee, then the Land Commissioner in the name of the state or the assignee of the state, if the certificate has been assigned, may maintain an action in ejectment or a statutory real action in the nature of ejectment or other proper remedy for the recovery of the possession of the lands purchased at such sales and shall be entitled to hold the possession thereof on recovery, subject, however, to all rights of redemption provided for in this title. If the mortgage or other instrument creating a lien under which a party seeks to redeem is duly recorded at the time of said tax sale, the said party shall, in addition to the time in this title specified, have the right to redeem said real estate sold, or any portion thereof covered by his mortgage or lien, at any time within one year from the date of written notice from the purchaser of his purchase of said lands at tax sale, served upon such party, and notice served upon either the original mortgagees or lienholders or their transferee of record, or their heirs, personal representatives, or assigns shall be sufficient notice. Such notice shall be given by certified or registered mail, return receipt demanded, addressed to the last known address of the mortgagee or lienholder. Nothing in this title shall affect the rights of minors or insane persons to redeem as provided for in this title, or operate to convey or affect the rights, title or interest of any reversioner or remainderman.

(Acts 1935, No. 194, p. 256; Acts 1935, No. 525, p. 1112; Code 1940, T. 51, §286.)