Section 40-12-243

License taxes and registration fees - Exemption of private passenger vehicles of foreign consuls; special plates for such vehicles.

(a) Duly constituted and appointed consuls and honorary consuls of foreign countries who are officially stationed in Alabama may, upon application to the state Department of Revenue supported by proper proof of their said office, and subject otherwise to the provisions hereof, be issued annually a set of distinctive motor vehicle license plates or tags identifying such consuls, to be used on private passenger vehicles in lieu of the standard license plates required on such vehicles. The license plates in this connection shall be substantially in the following form:

“Consular Corps, No. _____ Alabama 2___”

(b) Each such set of plates shall contain a serial number designated by the state Department of Revenue, and the state Department of Revenue shall keep a record of each such set of plates issued by it, together with the serial number and such other information as may be necessary.

(c) Such consuls, where duly appointed and stationed in Alabama and where their applications have been approved by the state Department of Revenue, shall each be entitled to a set of such license plates without the payment of a license tax and upon the payment of an issuance fee of $.50 to the state Department of Revenue.

(d) The distinctive license plates issued hereunder shall not be transferable, shall be valid only as to the passenger vehicle of the consul to whom same may be issued, and shall be good only so long as such consul shall be qualified therefor during the specific fiscal year for which issued.

(e) The provisions of this section are supplementary to the laws of this state pertaining to the licensing of motor vehicles, and nothing herein shall be construed as repealing any of such laws.

(Acts 1959, 2nd Ex. Sess., No. 68, p. 237.)