Section 40-17-220

Lubricating oil excise tax; exemptions.

(a) There is hereby levied in addition to all other taxes of every kind now imposed by law an excise tax on lubricating oil of $.04 per gallon, which shall be collected as herein provided.

(b) Every manufacturer, distributor, refiner, retail dealer, storer, or user of lubricating oil shall collect and pay over to the state Department of Revenue an excise tax of $.04 per gallon upon the selling, use or consumption, distributing, storing, or withdrawing from storage in this state for any use of lubricating oil as defined or otherwise referred to in this article, except lubricating oil expressly exempted by the provisions of this article. Provided, that where any excise tax imposed by this section upon the sale, use or consumption, distribution, storage or withdrawal from storage in this state of gasoline or lubricating oil shall have been paid to the state by a manufacturer, distributor, refiner or by any retail dealer, storer, or user, the payments shall be sufficient, the intent being that the tax shall be paid to the state but once.

(c) The following are expressly exempted from the provisions of this article:

(1) Lubricating oil used in aircraft powered by reciprocating engines, or jet or turbine engines;

(2) Lubricating oil used in ships, vessels, barges, railroad locomotives, and other railroad equipment;

(3) Lubricating oil sold to be used for agricultural purposes;

(4) Lubricating oil sold to governing bodies of counties and incorporated municipalities;

(5) Lubricating oil sold to be used in off-road vehicles which presently do not require state licensing; specifically, but not limited to, forklifts and other like devices not for use on the streets and highways of this state;

(6) Lubricating oil sold to city and county boards of education; and

(7) Lubricating oil sold to private and church school systems as defined in Section 16-28-1, and which offer essentially the same curriculum as offered in grades K-12 in the public schools of this state, Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, and the Department of Youth Services.

(8) Lubricating oil sold to the United States.

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