Section 41-14-54

Terms of linked deposits.

(a) Only one linked deposit shall be made and be outstanding at any one time to any one eligible borrower.

(b) The linked deposit amount shall not exceed seven hundred fifty thousand dollars ($750,000) per eligible borrower.

(c) The initial linked deposit term shall be two years.

(d) The linked deposit may be renewed for three additional two-year terms at the option of the Treasurer for a total duration of eight years.

(e) The linked deposit may not be made in support of a loan for the purpose of construction, leasing, rental, real estate investment, other than for owner-occupied business premises of the borrower, or speculation.

(f) The linked deposit shall be returned to the Treasurer at the earliest of (1) repayment of the linked deposit loan; or (2) expiration of the linked deposit.

(g) All linked deposit funds and interest shall be electronically disbursed and received through the State Treasury.

(h) Linked deposit interest shall be paid to the Treasurer monthly.

(Act 2007-397, p. 790, §1.)