Section 41-15-10

Premiums and collected earnings to constitute trust fund; surplus may be invested in bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc.; limitations and conditions; requisition for payment of losses, expenses, etc.

All premiums and earnings collected under the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a trust fund to be applied as authorized in this chapter.

With the approval of the Governor, any surplus in the fund over a necessary working capital, which shall be determined by the Director of Finance, at not less than $400,000.00, may be invested in the bonds or other obligations of the United States, of the State of Alabama or of any agency, institution or instrumentality of the State of Alabama. The Director of Finance shall also have the authority to invest and reinvest said state insurance trust funds in such classes of bonds, mortgages, common and preferred stocks, shares of investment companies or mutual funds or other investments as the Finance Director with the consent of the Governor may approve, subject to all the terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions imposed by the laws of Alabama upon domestic life insurance companies in the making of their investments. Subject to like terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions, the Finance Director shall have full power to hold, purchase, sell, assign, transfer and dispose of any such investments, as well as the proceeds of said investments. The necessary working capital may also be invested and reinvested by the Finance Director in securities deemed to be cash equivalents. Any and all funds derived from operations under this chapter shall be subject to requisition by the Director of Finance, approved by the Governor, for the payment of losses, necessary expenses of administering this chapter and for investment.

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