Section 45-15-231

Operation of jail store; Sheriff's Department Fund.

(a) The Sheriff of Cleburne County or the authorized agents of the sheriff may operate a jail store for prisoners within the confines of the county jail. The jail store shall be operated to serve the needs of the jail population.

(b)(1) The sheriff shall establish and maintain a Sheriff's Department Fund in a bank located in Cleburne County. All proceeds collected under this section shall be deposited by the sheriff into the Sheriff's Department Fund.

(2) The sheriff shall keep an account of all jail store sales and transactions of the Sheriff's Department Fund for audit by the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts. The jail store account and Sheriff's Department Fund shall be audited at the same time other accounts of the sheriff are audited. The Department of Examiners of Public Accounts shall submit a copy of the audit to the sheriff within 30 days of its completion.

(c) All profits realized in the operation of the jail store shall be expended at the discretion of the sheriff for law enforcement purposes in Cleburne County that are in the interest of the public. The sheriff shall provide the Cleburne County Commission a yearly report due on September 30 detailing transactions revenues and expenditures of all funds derived from the operation of the county jail store.

(Act 2003-161, p. 467, §§1-3.)