Section 45-19-110.02

Reidentification of qualified electors.

Prior to the November general election of 1978, and any tenth year thereafter, the Board of Registrars of Coosa County is authorized and directed to commence reidentification of qualified electors of the county. The members of the board of registrars shall meet as provided by law at least once, and more often if necessary, and remain at each location at least one day from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm for the purpose of enabling qualified and registered voters to reidentify themselves. The board shall give at least 10 days' notice, by advertisement in all newspapers of general circulation published in the county, stating the time, date, and place where they will meet. Upon failure to give such notice, or to appear as notified, after like notice, they shall fill new appointments. The board shall remain in session for 30 days. During such session the board shall visit each location on at least one day and the remainder of the time may be divided as the board of registrars deems necessary, to enable the qualified electors of the county to appear and reidentify themselves in the manner provided herein. No voter shall appear and reidentify himself or herself except as provided in this part.

(Acts 1978, No. 864, p. 1290, §3.)