Section 45-19-110.03

Per diem allowance for registrars.

Each member of the board of registrars shall receive twenty dollars ($20) per day from the county general fund, for each day's attendance upon the special sessions of the board required under this part; but if such special session is held on the same day a regular session is required to be held under the laws of this state, the registrars shall receive only one per diem allowed for performing their regular duties, it being the intent and purpose of this part that registrars shall be entitled to receive only one per diem allowance for one day's service. If one or more of the members of the board shall refuse, neglect, or be unable to serve, or if a vacancy or vacancies occur in the membership of the board from any cause, the Governor, State Auditor, and Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, or a majority of them, shall forthwith make other appointments to fill such vacancies.

(Acts 1978, No. 864, p. 1290, §4; Act 79-650, p. 1131, §1.)