Section 45-19-141.04

Fire protection fee - Eligibility to receive proceeds.

To be eligible to receive proceeds from the fire protection fee, each department shall be a member in good standing in the Coosa County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments. For the purpose of this part, "good standing" is defined as being current on all association dues, being incorporated as a volunteer nonprofit organization, having a bonded official responsible for the use of any proceeds of the fire protection fee, and being recognized by the Alabama Forestry Commission as a volunteer fire department. Departments not in good standing may be subject to withholding of proceeds from the fire protection fee until their good standing status has been restored. Upon the dissolution or abandonment of any eligible department, the remaining proceeds, the assets purchased with proceeds, and future proceeds from the fire protection fee shall be divided among the departments that take over coverage of the territory of the dissolved department after all outstanding financial obligations have been satisfied.

(Act 2003-367, p. 1035, §5.)