Section 45-19-141.11

Disposition of funds.

The association shall retain five percent of the gross proceeds from each district to be used, after approval by a majority vote of member departments in good standing, for countywide fire protection, fire prevention, and emergency medical services to include, but not be limited to, fire or emergency medical equipment, fire or emergency medical supplies, training, buildings, capital improvements, insurance, dues, and professional services. These proceeds shall not be used for salaries, entertainment, or fund-raising purposes. Any proceeds from the association's five percent share of the fees collected that are unexpended or not appropriated at the end of the fiscal year shall remain in the association's treasury for appropriation and use during any fiscal year thereafter. These proceeds shall be administered by the association in compliance with all applicable requirements of the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts. The association shall distribute all funds beyond the five percent retained to the individual fire departments by district. The nomenclature of distribution by districts shall be determined by majority vote of the Coosa County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments and confirmed by the Coosa County Commission.

(Act 2003-367, p. 1035, §12.)