Section 45-19-160

Liability for monetary loss relating to mistake or omission.

(a) The Coosa County Commission shall reimburse the offices of the revenue commissioner and the judge of probate from the general fund of the county the amount of any monetary loss, arising or caused by error, if the mistake or omission was caused without their personal knowledge, including loss arising from acceptance of worthless or forged checks, drafts, money orders, or other written orders for money or its equivalent.

(b) The revenue commissioner and the judge of probate shall insure that their employees exercise due care in performing their duties and to make a diligent effort to correct the error, mistake, or omission, and collect the amount subject to potential loss immediately upon becoming aware of the potential loss. This section shall not apply to any deliberate misuse or misappropriation of funds by the officials, clerks, or employees of their offices.

(Act 94-555, p. 1021, §§1, 2.)