Section 45-19-170

Collection and disposition of fees; ability to pay.

(a) The Coosa County Board of Health shall designate the services rendered by the county health department for which fees may be charged and shall set the fee to be charged for each service. The health department is authorized to charge and collect such fees. All fees collected shall be in addition to any and all federal, state, and local appropriations. Any fees collected shall be processed in accordance with the recommendations of the State Department of Examiners of Public Accounts.

(b) No person shall be denied any service because of that person's inability to pay. The county board of health may establish a sliding fee scale based on one's ability to pay.

(c) This section shall not apply to nor affect any fees otherwise authorized, set, or collected under state or federal law or regulations and shall not affect funding from the state in any way.

(d) All fees collected pursuant to this section are appropriated to the health department which collected such fees.

(Act 88-391, p. 581, §§1-4; Act 88-418, p. 617, §§1-4.)