Section 45-19-171


(a) The Coosa County Health Department may, at its discretion, enforce littering laws, and other laws relating to littering in Coosa County, in addition to health laws and regulations governing the control and disposal of solid waste in Coosa County, and shall be empowered with the authority of peace officers as defined by state law for the purpose of enforcing such laws.

(b) Mail or other personal items bearing the name or address of the recipient or former owner thereof among refuse, garbage, waste paper, trash, litter, or other debris unlawfully placed, thrown, left, or dumped within Coosa County shall constitute prima facie evidence that the person whose name or address appears on the mail or other personal item unlawfully placed, put, thrown, left, dumped, or deposited the refuse, garbage, waste paper, trash, litter, or other debris; and any person, law enforcement officer, or member of the Coosa County Health Department shall have the authority to seek prosecution against such person based on such prima facie evidence.

(c) It is unlawful to dump, deposit, place, throw, or leave refuse, paper, litter, rubbish, debris, filthy or odoriferous objects, substances, or other trash upon a state or county highway, road, or other public thoroughfare in Coosa County, and any person upon first conviction thereof shall be punished by fine of not less than twenty-five dollars ($25) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500). Citations for violations of this section shall be issued in the same manner as are citations for violations of the rules of the roads.

(d) The provisions of this section are supplemental. It shall be construed in pari materia with other laws relative to littering; however, any law which conflicts specifically herewith is hereby repealed.

(Act 90-391, p. 546, §§1-3, 5.)