Section 45-19-200

County license inspector.

(a) In Coosa County, there is created and established the office of county license inspector. With the approval of the county commission, the chair of the county commission shall appoint the license inspector, who shall serve at the pleasure of such appointing authority.

(b) The salary of the license inspector shall be in such sum as shall be approved by the county commission and shall be payable in equal monthly installments out of the undivided proceeds beer tax fund.

(c) The license inspector shall, upon entering upon the duties of his or her office, take the oath of office prescribed in the constitution, and shall enter into bond, which bond shall be conditioned as other official bonds are conditioned and be in such penal sum and form as the county commission may prescribe. The bond shall be approved by and filed with the judge of probate of the county and may be made by any surety company or companies authorized and qualified to do business in the State of Alabama. All premiums on the bond shall be payable out of the general fund of the county.

(d) The county commission shall furnish and equip suitable office space for the license inspector and shall furnish and supply all stationery, equipment, and supplies necessary for the conduct of such office, except such stationery and supplies as the law requires the State Department of Revenue or the State Department of Finance to furnish to license inspectors.

(e) All duties and authority imposed on or vested in license inspectors by Section 40-12-10, or by any other statute, are hereby imposed upon and vested in the office of the county license inspector created by this section, and such license inspector shall perform such further duties as may be prescribed by the county commission.

(f) Fees, commissions, and penalties due to license delinquencies shall be as provided by Section 40-12-10, or by other statute; provided, however, that in addition to all other penalties or fees for delinquency in payment of any license, there shall be a delinquency fee in the sum of five dollars ($5).

(g) All citations to delinquents shall be served, by mail or otherwise, by any lawful officer, or by the county license inspector.

(h) No fees, commissions, or penalties shall be paid to any license inspector appointed under Section 40-12-10. All fees, commissions, and penalties allowable to the county license inspector under any provision of law, or to any license inspector appointed under Section 40-12-10, shall be paid into the general fund of the county for the use of the county.

(Act 80-685, p. 1369, §§1-8.)