Section 45-19-210

Speed limits on unpaved roads.

(a) In Coosa County, unless otherwise posted, the speed limit to operate a motor vehicle on any unpaved county road shall be 35 miles per hour.

(b) For purposes of this section, the term "unpaved county road" shall mean any road or highway under the jurisdiction of the county, the surface of which consists of natural earth, mixed soil, stabilized soil, aggregate, crushed sea shells, or similar materials without the use of asphalt, cement, or similar binders.

(c) The county commission may determine a maximum or minimum speed limit different from the speed limit provided in subsection (a) on any unpaved county road or any part of an unpaved county road based on the conditions which exist on the road or on a part of a road.

(d) Any person who violates subsection (a) shall be punished as provided by law.

(Act 94-600, p. 1114, §1.)