Section 45-19-244.03

Monthly report - Purchasers and transporters.

Purchasers and transporters of a product severed in Coosa County shall file a report with the department on forms prescribed by the department within 20 days after the end of each calendar month in which the purchaser or transporter purchased or transported earthen material or graphite severed in Coosa County. The report shall state the names and addresses of all producers in Coosa County from whom the purchaser or transporter has received the earthen material during the calendar month, the total quantity of earthen material or graphite so acquired, and, in the case of a transporter, to whom and where each ton of earthen material or graphite was delivered, and any other information as the commissioner may reasonably require for the proper enforcement of this part, including the routes traveled in transporting the gravel and the amounts of any privilege tax on the transportation. The report shall be signed by the purchaser or transporter in the case of an individual purchaser or transporter, or by a member, officer, or manager of the purchaser or transporter in all other cases.

(Act 99-544, p. 1177, §4; Act 2019-231, §1.)