Section 45-19-244.04

Collection of taxes; enforcement.

The taxes imposed by this part shall constitute a debt due Coosa County and may be collected by civil suit, in addition to all other methods provided by law. The taxes, together with interest thereon, shall constitute and be secured by a lien upon the property of any person from whom the taxes are due. All provisions of the revenue law of this state which apply to the enforcement of liens for taxes due the state shall apply fully to the collection of the county taxes levied herein, and the State Department of Revenue for the use and benefit of Coosa County shall collect the taxes and enforce this part and shall have and exercise for the collection and enforcement all rights and remedies that this state or department has for collection of the state stone severance tax. The State Department of Revenue shall have full authority to employ special counsel as it deems necessary to enforce collection of the taxes levied by this part, and to otherwise enforce this part, including any litigation involving this part, and the Department of Revenue shall pay the special counsel's fee, as it deems necessary and proper, from the proceeds of the taxes collected by it for Coosa County.

(Act 99-544, p. 1177, §5.)