Section 45-19-82.26

Renewal of license by mail; mail order fee.

The judge of probate may mail an application for renewal of licenses to whom the license has been previously issued, including, but not limited to, boat decals, and the renewal forms shall be required to be returned prior to the expiration date of the license. The renewal forms may be in postcard form and shall contain sufficient information thereon to adequately identify and process the renewal. The signature of the licensee thereon and proper remittance shall constitute sufficient authority for the judge of probate to issue the license and return it to the licensee by mail. There is established a fee to be entitled "mail order fee" in an amount determined by the county commission to pay the cost of the mailing procedure authorized by this section. The fee shall be collected by the judge of probate at the time of issuance and paid over to the county general fund as are other fees and commissions.

(Act 92-505, p. 986, §7.)