Section 45-25-242.07

Delinquency in payment of tax.

If any distributor, storer, or retail dealer in gasoline shall fail to make monthly reports or shall fail to pay the tax imposed under authority of this subpart, the tax shall be deemed delinquent within the meaning of this subpart and there shall be added to the amount of his or her tax a penalty of 25 percent, provided if in the opinion of the governing body of the county a good and sufficient cause or reason is shown for such delinquency, the penalty may be remitted. The governing body shall be authorized and empowered to make returns for delinquent taxpayers upon such information as it may reasonably obtain and add to that the penalty as prescribed by this subpart. If any person shall be delinquent in the payment of any tax imposed by this subpart, the governing body of the county shall issue execution for the collection of the same, directed to any sheriff of the State of Alabama, who shall proceed to collect the same in the manner now provided by law for the collection of delinquent taxes by the county tax collector and make return of such execution to the governing body issuing the same. The tax herein authorized to be levied and the penalties herein provided for shall be held as a debt payable to the County of DeKalb by the person against whom the same shall have been imposed or against whom the penalties shall have accrued, and all such taxes and penalties shall be a lien upon the property in the county and elsewhere in this state of the person against whom the tax shall have been imposed and the penalties shall have accrued.

(Acts 1959, No. 418, p. 1107, §8.)